Details: Oracle ACFS Automatic Shrinking

This page explains how to implement ACFS Automatic Shrinking using the acfsutil size command.

Oracle ACFS automatic shrinking automatically shrinks an Oracle ACFS file system based on policy, providing there is enough free storage available in the volume.

The automatic shrinking option (-s) of the acfsutil size command shrinks a file system by 25% if it is 50% full and it was at least 80% full since the last expansion, or since mkfs was run (if this is a new file system). Oracle ACFS checks once an hour to determine whether the file system meets the automatic shrink criteria. When the criteria has been detected, the automatic shrinking process begins within an hour if automatic shrinking has not already occurred that day. At most one automatic shrink action occurs daily. The operation is run on the files system in the background. If automatic shrinking is enabled, then acfsutil info fs displays AutoShrinkEnabled in the flags output. Oracle ACFS automatic shrinking is supported on Linux.