Enhanced Database Availability with Zero Downtime to Switch Over to an Updated PKCS#11 Library

Starting with this release, Oracle Database can switch over to an updated PKCS#11 library without incurring any system downtime.

This release introduces a new ADMINISTER KEY MANAGEMENT SWITCHOVER LIBRARY FOR ALL CONTAINERS statement, which will enable an Oracle database to switch over from the PKCS#11 library that it is currently using to the updated PKCS#11 library.

In previous releases, it was necessary to completely shut down any TDE-enabled database that used an online TDE master encryption key in Oracle Key Vault before an update to the Oracle Key Vault endpoint software could be installed. After the updated PKCS#11 library was installed, the TDE-enabled database would need to be started up again. This complete shut down followed by a start up of the database instance was necessary because long-running background processes of the database instance could not be told to unload the earlier PKCS#11 library and load the updated one.

Starting with this release, to switch over the database server to use an updated endpoint shared PKCS#11 library, you execute the ADMINISTER KEY MANAGEMENT SWITCHOVER TO LIBRARY 'fully_qualified_file_name_of_library' FOR ALL CONTAINERS; statement to initiate the switch over operation.

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