Java Library for Reactive Streams Ingestion

This new Java library allows high-speed ingestion of data streams with non-blocking back pressure.

Java applications that use the provided APIs may continuously receive and ingest data from a large group of clients.

The ingestion process is non-blocking and extremely fast through the direct path load into the database tables. The library performs affinity grouping by destination including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) nodes, Oracle Active data Guard, and Sharded database. The library performs CPU optimization by decoupling record processing from database IO. Through the Universal Connection Pool (UCP), the ingestion process furnishes high availability and scalability.

This feature enables implementing high-speed ingestion of streaming data including sensors data, time series (trading), Call Detail Records (CDRs), geoSpatial activities, social media feeds, web site logs and so on, with scalability and high availability.

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