Learning Database New Features

This asset contains descriptions of all the Oracle Database Release 21c new features, as well as complementary details and practices for key new features.

You can listen to the presentation from Andy Mendelsohn, Executive VP of Oracle Database Server Technologies, about the core Oracle Database Breakthrough Innovations.

You can read VP of Database Product Management, William Hardie's blog about the core Oracle Database 21c features by visiting https://blogs.oracle.com/database/introducing-oracle-database-21c.


Please review Practices Environment for prerequisite steps you should perform before completing any of the practices.

Note that the practices are designed to be independent from one practice to another. In case a particular configuration is already enabled in your testing database, it is suggested that you re-create your database.

You can also explore the LiveLabs workshops for Oracle Database 21c which offer hands-on labs on the Oracle Cloud.

Database Features and Licensing App

Use the Database Features and Licensing app to view feature availability across Oracle Database releases and to see what features are new in Oracle Database 21c.

Database 21c Interactive Architecture Diagram

For more information about the technical architecture of Oracle Database 21c, visit https://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/architecture-diagrams/21/database-technical-architecture.html.