Namespace Integration with Database

Database Nest is an infrastructure that provides operating system resource isolation and management, file system isolation, and secure computing for CDBs and PDBs. This infrastructure enables a database instance to run in a protected, virtualized environment.

Sharing instance-level and operating system resources can lead to security and isolation constraints, especially in large-scale cloud deployments. Vulnerabilities can be external, such as compromised applications, unauthorized access of resources, and shared resources. An example of an internal vulnerability is a compromised Oracle process.

Database Nest isolates a database instance from other databases and applications running on the same host, and also isolates PDBs from each other and from the CDB. The feature is implemented as a Linux-specific package that provides hierarchical containers, called nests. A CDB resides within a single parent nest, while PDBs reside within the individual child nests created within the parent.

Linux processes in a PDB nest have their own process ID (PID) number spaces and cannot access PIDs in other nests. Process isolation provides a last level of defense in a security breach if a malicious user compromises a process.

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