SecureFiles Defragmentation

SecureFiles defragmentation provides online defragmentation of allocated and freed space in SecureFiles segments, for all types of SecureFiles LOBs - compressed, deduplicated, encrypted. Defragmentation can be done automatically by a background process, and the segment advisor can estimate the fragmentation levels and how much space can be saved. Defragmentation can be done mostly in-place, with some temp segment space needed to hold intermediate results.

SecureFiles defragmentation provides a transparent way to defragment or shrink the space used by SecureFiles segments, helping to reclaim space and improve performance, without compromising concurrent access to SecureFiles data, and without a significant impact on performance.

Details: SecureFiles Defragmentation

This page provides more detailed information about defragment operations on SecureFiles.

Practice: Shrinking SecureFile LOBs

This practice shows how to reclaim space and improve performance with SecureFile LOBs.

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