Support Per-PDB Capture for Oracle Autonomous Database

To securely capture and replicate individual PDB changes to Oracle Autonomous Database, you can now use Oracle GoldenGate to provide per-PDB capture.

Starting with Oracle Database 21c, you can now provide local user credentials to connect to an individual PDB in a multitenant architecture Oracle Database, and replicate the data from just that PDB to an Oracle Autonomous Database. You no longer need to create a common user with access to all PDBs on the CDB to replicate a PDB to an Oracle Autonomous Database. Instead, you can now provision a local user with a predefined set of privileges to the source PDB that you want to capture. All LogMiner and Capture processing takes place only in this PDB, and only data from this specific PDB is captured and written to the Oracle GoldenGate trail. As part of this feature, the behavior for v$logmnr_contents changes, depending on whether you connect to a PDB, or connect to the CDB$ROOT.

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