Transparent Application Continuity

In this release, the following new features are provided for Transparent Application Continuity:

  • Oracle Database clients use implicit request boundaries when connecting to the database using a service that has the attribute FAILOVER_TYPE set to AUTO.
  • Planned Failover is introduced, which is failover that is forced by the Oracle database at points where the Oracle database decides that the session can be failed over and the session is unlikely to drain. This feature is also available for Application Continuity.
  • There is also a new service attribute, RESET_STATE. The resetting of state is an important feature that clears the session state set by the application in a request at the end of request. This feature is also available for Application Continuity.

This improvement increases coverage of Transparent Application Continuity for applications that do not use an Oracle-supplied connection pool. Planned failover is used for shedding sessions during planned maintenance. It is also used for load rebalancing. Without RESET_STATE, application developers need to cancel their cursors, and clear any session state that has been set.

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