This interface initializes a custom object using the specified Oracle UDT.


// C#
void ToCustomObject (OracleConnection con, IntPtr pUdt);


  • con

    An OracleConnection instance.

  • pUdt

    An opaque pointer to the Oracle UDT.


The ToCustomObject method is used to initialize a custom object from the specified Oracle Object or Collection by retrieving attribute or element values respectively through the OracleUdt.GetValue method.

The OracleUdt.GetValue method is invoked as follows:

  • Oracle Object Type

    For a custom type that represents an Oracle Object Type, the OracleUdt.GetValue method must be invoked for each attribute value to be retrieved.

  • For a custom type that represents an Oracle Collection Type, a single call to OracleUdt.GetValue method retrieves the collection element values.