Description of the illustration sqld_import_wiz_1of5_new.gif

This is a screenshot of Data Preview page in the Data Import Wizard in SQL Developer. The Header box is deselected, and the After Skip value is selected to the right of the Header box. A value of 0 is selected in the Skip Rows list. In the Format list, the value csv is selected. The Preview Row Limit box is selected, and a value of 100 is chosen from the Preview Row Limit list. In the Encoding list, the value of Default is selected. The Delimiter field is unavailable, and a comma character is selected in the Delimiter list. In the Line Terminator list, the value of environment default is selected. In the Left Enclosure list and the Right Enclosure list, the value of none is selected. The table at the bottom of the page includes five columns named with three rows of data. The columns are COLUMN1, COLUMN2, COLUMN3, COLUMN4, and COLUMN5. In the first row, the values for the columns are 1, Office Equipment, 25-MAY-2012, 1201, and 13-JUN-2012. In the second row, the values for the columns are 2, Computer System, 18-JUN-2012, 1201, and 27-JUN-2012. In the third row, the values for the columns are 3, Travel Expense, 26-JUN-2012, 1340, and 11-JUL-2012.