Description of the illustration adque437.eps

This figure shows three cylinders, representing instances of Oracle Database. Each instance is labeled with both 1) "Advanced queues" and 2) "Rules and Transformations". There are arrows in both directions between these two labels. There are lines labeled "Internet Propagation (Oracle Net)" connecting the central database with each of the others. There are bidirectional arrows connecting a fourth cylinder to the central database and to one of the other databases. This fourth cylinder is labeled "Global Agents, Global Subscriptions, Global Events". There are connecting lines between the central database and 1) a box labeled "MQ Series"; 2) a user at a computer terminal, labeled "Internet Users"; and 3) a user at a computer terminal, labeled "OCI, PL/SQL, Java clients". The line connecting the Internet Users is labeled "XML-Based Internet Transport (HTTP(S), SMTP)".