5.2 Locating Log or Trace Files

Use the following table to locate a specific log or trace file for Oracle Database QoS Management.
Log File Location
Oracle Database QoS Management server operations log file Oracle_Base/crsdata/node_name/qos/logs/dbwlm/auditing/log0.xml
Oracle Database QoS Management server trace log file Oracle_Base/crsdata/node_name/qos/logs/dbwlm/logging/log0.xml
Standard out log file and the trace file for the Server Manager (SRVM) component of Oracle Clusterware Oracle_Base/crsdata/node_name/qos/logs/qosmserver_stdout.trc.n
qosmserver standard error log file Oracle_Base/crsdata/node_name/qos/logs/catalina.timestamp.log
Start and stop log file for the DBWLM component of Oracle Database QoS Management Oracle_Base/crsdata/node_name/qos/logs/catalina.timestamp.log

log0.xml is the name of the most recent log file. Older log files are named in increasing sequential order.