This Oracle Multimedia package supports the management and manipulation of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) content stored in BLOBs or BFILEs.


ORD_DICOM is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2). Oracle recommends that you do not use deprecated features. Support for deprecated features is for backward compatibility only.

The DICOM standard is the dominant standard for radiology imaging and communication, to which all major manufacturers of radiological devices must conform. Oracle Multimedia DICOM provides native support for DICOM format medical images and other content, such as single-frame and multiframe images, waveforms, slices of 3-D volumes, video segments, and structured reports.

The Oracle Multimedia ORD_DICOM package provides functions and procedures to extract standard and private DICOM metadata from DICOM content into customizable XML documents, to perform image processing operations such as format conversion and thumbnail image generation, and to create new DICOM content. This Oracle Multimedia package also provides functions and procedures to check DICOM content for conformance based on a set of user-specified conformance rules, and to make DICOM content anonymous based on user-defined rules that specify the set of attributes to be made anonymous and the actions to be taken to make those attributes anonymous.

For a complete description of this package within the context of Oracle Multimedia, see ORD_DICOM in the Oracle Multimedia DICOM Developer’s Guide.