About Managing Ports

During installation, Oracle Universal Installer assigns port numbers to components from a set of default port numbers.

Many Oracle Database components and services use ports. As an administrator, it is important to know the port numbers used by these services, and to ensure that the same port number is not used by two services on your host. Enter the following command to identify the ports currently used on your computer:

$/bin/netstat -a

Most port numbers are assigned during installation. Every component and service has an allotted port range, which is the set of port numbers Oracle Database attempts to use when assigning a port. Oracle Database starts with the lowest number in the range and performs the following checks:

  • Is the port used by another Oracle Database installation on the host?

    The installation may be up or down at the time. Oracle Database can still detect if the port is used.

  • Is the port used by a process that is currently running?

    This can be any process on the host, even a non-Oracle Database process.

  • Is the port listed in the /etc/services file?

If the answer to any of the preceding questions is yes, then Oracle Database moves to the next highest port in the allotted port range, and continues checking until it finds a free port.