Downloading and Installing Patch Updates

Download and install patch updates for your Oracle software after you complete installation.

Check the My Oracle Support website for required patch updates for your installation.
  1. Use a web browser to view the My Oracle Support website:
  2. Log in to My Oracle Support website.


    If you are not a My Oracle Support registered user, then click Register for My Oracle Support and register.
  3. On the main My Oracle Support page, click Patches & Updates.
  4. In the Patch Search region, select Product or Family (Advanced).
  5. On the Product or Family (Advanced) display, provide information about the product, release, and platform for which you want to obtain patches, and click Search.
    The Patch Search pane opens, displaying the results of your search.
  6. Select the patch number and click ReadMe.

    The README page is displayed. It contains information about the patch set and how to apply the patches to your installation.

  7. Use the unzip utility provided with the software to uncompress the Oracle patch updates that you downloaded from My Oracle Support. The unzip utility is located in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.