Running Oracle Universal Installer to Install Oracle Database

Use the runInstaller command to start the installation. At any time during installation, if you have a question about what you are being asked to do, click Help.

Have all the information you need to provide regarding users groups, and storage paths before you start installation.

Oracle recommends that you have your My Oracle Support credentials available during installation. During installation, Oracle Universal Installer requests you to provide your My Oracle Support credentials for the following purpose:
  • To inform you of security bulletins and updates, and to use Oracle Configuration Manager to support your installation

  1. Log in as the Oracle installation owner user account that you want to own the software binaries.
  2. On the installation media, or where you have downloaded the installation binaries, run the runInstaller command to start Oracle Universal Installer.

    For example:

    • On installation media:

    • On a hard disk:
      $ cd /home/oracle_sw/
      $ ./runInstaller
  3. On the Configure Security Updates screen, Oracle recommends that you provide your My Oracle Support credentials to receive security updates.
  4. Select your installation type.

    Installation screens vary depending on the installation option you select. Respond to the configuration prompts as needed.


    Click Help if you have any questions about the information you are asked to submit during installation.