Setting Remote Display and X11 Forwarding Configuration

If you are on a remote terminal, and the local system has only one visual (which is typical), then use the following syntax to set your user account DISPLAY environment variable:

Remote Display

Bourne, Korn, and Bash shells
$ export DISPLAY=hostname:0
C shell
% setenv DISPLAY hostname:0

For example, if you are using the Bash shell and if your host name is local_host, then enter the following command:

$ export DISPLAY=node1:0

X11 Forwarding

To ensure that X11 forwarding does not cause the installation to fail, use the following procedure to create a user-level SSH client configuration file for Oracle installation owner user accounts:

  1. Using any text editor, edit or create the software installation owner's ~/.ssh/config file.

  2. Ensure that the ForwardX11 attribute in the ~/.ssh/config file is set to no. For example:

    Host * 
        ForwardX11 no
  3. Ensure that the permissions on ~/.ssh are secured to the Oracle installation owner user account. For example:

    $ ls -al .ssh
    total 28
    drwx------  2 grid oinstall 4096 Jun 21 2020
    drwx------ 19 grid oinstall 4096 Jun 21 2020
    -rw-r--r--  1 grid oinstall 1202 Jun 21 2020 authorized_keys
    -rwx------  1 grid oinstall  668 Jun 21 2020 id_dsa
    -rwx------  1 grid oinstall  601 Jun 21 2020
    -rwx------  1 grid oinstall 1610 Jun 21 2020 known_hosts