About the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository

Every Oracle Standalone Cluster and Oracle Domain Services Cluster contains a Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR), or the Management Database (MGMTDB).

The Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) is a multitenant database with a pluggable database (PDB) for the GIMR of each cluster. The GIMR stores the following information about the cluster:

  • Real time performance data the Cluster Health Monitor collects

  • Fault, diagnosis, and metric data the Cluster Health Advisor collects

  • Cluster-wide events about all resources that Oracle Clusterware collects

  • CPU architecture data for Quality of Service Management (QoS)

  • Metadata required for Rapid Home Provisioning

The Oracle Standalone Cluster locally hosts the GIMR on an Oracle ASM disk group; this GIMR is a multitenant database with a single pluggable database (PDB).

The global GIMR runs in an Oracle Domain Services Cluster. Oracle Domain Services Cluster locally hosts the GIMR in a separate Oracle ASM disk group. Client clusters, such as Oracle Member Cluster for Database, use the remote GIMR located on the Domain Services Cluster. For two-node or four-node clusters, hosting the GIMR for a cluster on a remote cluster reduces the overhead of running an extra infrastructure repository on a cluster. The GIMR for an Oracle Domain Services Cluster is a multitenant database with one PDB, and additional PDB for each member cluster that is added.

When you configure an Oracle Domain Services Cluster, the installer prompts to configure a separate Oracle ASM disk group for the GIMR, with the default name as MGMT.