About Minimal Linux Installations

To complete a minimal Linux installation, select one of the minimal installation options.

A minimal Linux installation option is either a custom installation where you select the Minimal option from Package Group Selection, or where you deselect all packages except for the Base pack. A minimal Linux installation lacks many RPMs required for database installation, so you must use an RPM package for your Oracle Linux release to install the required packages. The package you use depends on your Linux release, and your support status with Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).


The Oracle Preinstallation RPM installs the X11 client libraries, but it does not install the X Window System server packages. To use graphical user interfaces such as OUI, configuration assistants, and Oracle Enterprise Manager, set the display to a system with X Window System server packages.

Refer to the following URL for documentation regarding installation of a reduced set of packages:


If you are not a member of Unbreakable Linux Network or Red Hat Support network, and you are a My Oracle Support customer, then you can download instructions to configure a script that documents installation of a reduced set of packages from the same My Oracle Support Note.

You can also search for "Linux reduced set of packages" to locate the instructions.