About Multi-Cluster GNS Networks

The general requirements for multi-cluster GNS are similar to those for standard GNS. Multi-cluster GNS differs from standard GNS in that multi-cluster GNS provides a single networking service across a set of clusters, rather than a networking service for a single cluster.

Requirements for Multi-Cluster GNS Networks

To provide networking service, multi-cluster Grid Naming Service (GNS) is configured using DHCP addresses, and name advertisement and resolution is carried out with the following components:

  • The GNS server cluster performs address resolution for GNS client clusters. A GNS server cluster is the cluster where multi-cluster GNS runs, and where name resolution takes place for the subdomain delegated to the set of clusters.

  • GNS client clusters receive address resolution from the GNS server cluster. A GNS client cluster is a cluster that advertises its cluster member node names using the GNS server cluster.

  • If you choose to use GNS, then the GNS configured at the time of installation is the primary. A secondary GNS for high availability can be configured at a later time.