Cluster Name and SCAN Requirements

Review this information before you select the cluster name and SCAN.

Cluster Name and SCAN Requirements

Cluster Name must meet the following requirements:

  • The cluster name is case-insensitive, must be unique across your enterprise, must be at least one character long and no more than 15 characters in length, must be alphanumeric and may contain hyphens (-). Underscore characters (_) are not allowed.

  • The SCAN and cluster name are entered in separate fields during installation, so cluster name requirements do not apply to the name used for the SCAN, and the SCAN can be longer than 15 characters. If you enter a domain with the SCAN name, and you want to use GNS with zone delegation, then the domain must be the GNS domain.


Select your cluster name carefully. After installation, you can only change the cluster name by reinstalling Oracle Grid Infrastructure.