Configuring the IPMI Management Network

You can configure the BMC for DHCP, or for static IP addresses. Oracle recommends that you configure the BMC for dynamic IP address assignment using DHCP. To use this option, you must have a DHCP server configured to assign the BMC IP addresses.

For Oracle Clusterware to communicate with the BMC, the IPMI driver must be installed permanently on each node, so that it is available on system restarts. The IPMI driver is available on the Asianux Linux, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions supported with this release.

Configuring the BMC with dynamic addresses (DHCP) is not supported on HP-UX and AIX platforms.


If you configure IPMI, and you use Grid Naming Service (GNS) you still must configure separate addresses for the IPMI interfaces. As the IPMI adapter is not seen directly by the host, the IPMI adapter is not visible to GNS as an address on the host.