General Requirements for Oracle Flex Cluster Configuration

Review this information about network requirements for Oracle Flex Cluster configuration.

Network Requirements for Oracle Flex Cluster Configuration

  • You must use Grid Naming Service (GNS) with an Oracle Flex Cluster deployment.

  • You must configure the GNS VIP as a static IP address for Hub Nodes.

  • On Multi-cluster configurations, you must identify the GNS client data file location for Leaf Nodes. The GNS client data files are copied over from the GNS server before you start configuring a GNS client cluster.

  • All public network addresses for both Hub Nodes and Leaf Nodes, whether assigned manually or automatically, must be in the same subnet range.

  • All Oracle Flex Cluster addresses must be either static IP addresses, DHCP addresses assigned through DHCP (IPv4) or autoconfiguration addresses assigned through an autoconfiguration service (IPv6), registered in the cluster through GNS.

  • When using GNS, you can also configure Leaf Nodes on both public and private networks, during installation. Leaf Nodes on public networks cannot use Oracle Clusterware services such as the public network resources and VIPs, or run listeners. After installation, you can configure network resources and listeners for the Leaf Nodes using SRVCTL commands.