Oracle Flex Cluster Manually-Assigned Addresses

Review this information to manually assign cluster node VIP names for both Hub and Leaf Nodes.

Requirements for Manually-Assigned Addresses

If you choose to configure manually-assigned VIPs, then during installation, you must configure cluster node VIP names for both Hub and Leaf Nodes using one of the following options:

  • Manual Names: Enter the host name and virtual IP name for each node manually, and select whether it is a Hub Node or a Leaf Node. The names you provide must resolve to addresses configured on the DNS. Names must conform with the RFC 952 standard, which allows alphanumeric characters and hyphens ("-"), but does not allow underscores ("_").

  • Automatically Assigned Names: Enter string variables for values corresponding to host names that you have configured on the DNS. String variables allow you to assign a large number of names rapidly during installation. Configure addresses on the DNS with the following characteristics:

    • Hostname prefix: a prefix string used in each address configured on the DNS for use by cluster member nodes. For example: mycloud.

    • Range: A range of numbers to be assigned to the cluster member nodes, consisting of a starting node number and an ending node number, designating the end of the range. For example: 001 and 999.

    • Node name suffix: A suffix added after the end of a range number to a public node name. For example: nd.

    • VIP name suffix: A suffix added after the end of a virtual IP node name. For example: -vip.


You can create manual addresses using alphanumeric strings.

Example 5-1 Examples of Manually-Assigned Addresses

mycloud001nd; mycloud046nd; mycloud046-vip; mycloud348nd; mycloud784-vip