10.1.1 Download and Install Patch Updates

On a regular basis Oracle provides patch sets that include generic and port specific fixes encountered by customers since the base product was released.

Patch sets increment the 4th digit of the release number e.g. to, these patch sets are fully regression tested in the same way that the base release is (for example, Customers are encouraged to apply these fixes.

If a customer encounters a critical problem that requires a fix prior to the next patch set becoming available, they can request that a one off fix is made available on top of the latest patch set. This delivery mechanism is similar to the Microsoft Hot Fixes and is known as an Oracle patch set exception (or interim patch). Unlike UNIX platforms, these patch set exceptions are delivered in a patch set exception bundle (cumulative patch bundle), which includes all fixes since the current patch set. Starting with Oracle Database 11g release 2 (, patch bundles are described as software_version.n, where software_version is the patch set version ( and n is the bundle patch version ( You should always apply the latest patch bundle available for your release. Windows patch set exception bundles (bundled patches) are applicable to both Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database homes.

The patch set exception bundles also include the fixes for the CPU (Critical Patch Update), DST (Daylight Saving Time), PSU (Patch Set Update) and Recommended Patch Bundles. It is not required to have the previous security patches applied before applying the patch set exception bundle. However, you must be on the stated patch set level for a given product home before applying the patch set exception bundle for that release.

  • Refer to the My Oracle Support website for required patch updates for your installation.


    If you are not a My Oracle Support registered user, then click Register for My Oracle Support and register.

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