8.6 Enabling Direct NFS Client

To enable Direct NFS Client, you must add an oranfstab file to the Oracle_home\dbs directory and modify the related DLL files used by the Oracle Database software.

  1. Create an oranfstab file.
  2. Replace the standard ODM library, oraodm12.dll, with the ODM NFS library
    Oracle Database uses the ODM library, oranfsodm12.dll, to enable Direct NFS Client. To replace the ODM library, complete the following steps:
    1. Change directory to Oracle_home\bin.
    2. Shut down the Oracle Database instance on a node using the Server Control Utility (SRVCTL).
    3. Enter the following commands:
      copy oraodm12.dll oraodm12.dll.orig
      copy /Y oranfsodm12.dll oraodm12.dll 
    4. Restart the Oracle Database instance using SRVCTL.
    5. Repeat Step 2.a to Step 2.d for each node in the cluster.