Generating a Response File For Use With the Deinstallation Tool

To use a response file with the deinstallation tool you must first create the response file.

You can generate the a response file by running the deinstall.bat command with the -checkonly and -o options before you run the command to deinstall the Oracle home, or you can use the response file template and manually edit it to create the response file.

Alternatively, you can use the response file template located at %ORACLE_HOME%\deinstall\response\deinstall.rsp.tmpl.

  • To generate the response file deinstall_OraCrs12c_home1.rsp using the deinstall.bat command located in the Oracle home and the -checkonly option, enter a command similar to the following, where C:\app\12.2.0\grid is the location of the Grid home and C:\Users\oracle is the directory in which the generated response file is created:
    C:\> app\12.2.0\grid\deinstall\deinstall.bat -checkonly -o C:\Users\oracle\