A.4 Running Oracle Net Configuration Assistant Using Response Files

You can run Oracle Net Configuration Assistant (NETCA) in silent mode to configure and start an Oracle Net listener on the system, configure naming methods, and configure Oracle Net service names.

Oracle provides a response file template named netca.rsp in the response subdirectory of:

  • The Oracle_home\database\inventory\response directory after a software-only installation

  • The database\response directory on the installation media or staging area

To run NETCA in silent mode, you must copy and edit a response file template.

  1. Copy the netca.rsp response file template from the response file directory to a directory on your system.
    If the software is staged on a hard drive, or has already been installed, then you can edit the file in the response directory located on the local disk instead.
  2. Open the response file in a text editor.
  3. Follow the instructions in the file to edit it.


    NETCA fails if you do not correctly configure the response file.
  4. Log in as an Administrator user and set the %ORACLE_HOME% environment variable to specify the correct Oracle home directory.
  5. Enter a command similar to the following to run NETCA in silent mode:
    C:\> Oracle_home\bin\netca -silent -responsefile X:\local_dir\netca.rsp

    In this command:

    • The -silent option runs NETCA in silent mode.

    • X:\local_dir is the full path of the directory where you copied the netca.rsp response file template, where X represents the drive on which the file is located, and local_dir the path on that drive.