1.3 Server Configuration Checklist for Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Use this checklist to check minimum server configuration requirements for Oracle Grid Infrastructure installations.

Table 1-3 Server Configuration Checklist for Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Check Task

Disk space allocated to the temporary file system

At least 1 GB of space in the temporary directory. Oracle recommends 2 GB or more

Storage hardware for Oracle software

Attached storage hardware can be either Storage Area Network (SAN) storage or Network-Attached Storage (NAS).

Ensure that the Oracle home (the Oracle home path you select for Oracle Database) uses only ASCII characters

The ASCII character restriction includes installation owner user names, which are used as a default for some home paths, as well as other directory names you may select for paths. Additionally, the file path names cannot contain spaces.

Set locale (if needed)

Specify the language and the territory, or locale, in which you want to use Oracle components. A locale is a linguistic and cultural environment in which a system or program is running. NLS (National Language Support) parameters determine the locale-specific behavior on both servers and clients. The locale setting of a component determines the language of the user interface of the component, and the globalization behavior, such as date and number formatting.

Set Network Time Protocol for Cluster Time Synchronization

Oracle Clusterware requires the same time zone environment variable setting on all cluster nodes.

Ensure that you set the time zone synchronization across all cluster nodes using either an operating system configured network time protocol (NTP), Oracle Cluster Time Synchronization Service, or Windows Time Service.