1.5 User Environment Configuration Checklist for Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Review the following environment checklist for all installations.

Table 1-5 Environment Configuration for Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle RAC

Check Task
Create operating system groups and users for standard or role-allocated system privileges

Create operating system groups and users depending on your security requirements, as described in this install guide. Oracle Installation users have different requirements from Oracle Home users. User names must use only ASCII characters.

Configure the Oracle Software Owner Environment

Set the TEMP environment variable.

Unset Oracle software environment variables

If you have set ORA_CRS_HOME as an environment variable, then unset it before starting an installation or upgrade. Do not use ORA_CRS_HOME as a user environment variable.

If you have had an existing installation on your system, and you are using the same user account to install this installation, then unset the ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_SID, and TNS_ADMIN environment variables. Unset any other environment variable set for the Oracle installation user that is connected with Oracle software homes, such as ORA_NLS10.

Manage User Account Control

If you have enabled the User Account Control security feature, then Oracle Universal Installer prompts you for either your consent or your credentials when installing Oracle Database software. Provide either the consent or your Windows Administrator credentials as appropriate.