2.1 About Mining Models

Mining models are database schema objects that perform data mining.

As with all schema objects, access to mining models is controlled by database privileges. Models can be exported and imported. They support comments, and they can be tracked in the Database auditing system.

Mining models are created by the CREATE_MODEL procedure in the DBMS_DATA_MINING PL/SQL package. Models are created for a specific mining function, and they use a specific algorithm to perform that function. Mining function is a data mining term that refers to a class of mining problems to be solved. Examples of mining functions are: regression, classification, attribute importance, clustering, anomaly detection, and feature extraction. Oracle Data Mining supports one or more algorithms for each mining function.


Most types of mining models can be used to score data. However, it is possible to score data without applying a model. Dynamic scoring and predictive analytics return scoring results without a user-supplied model. They create and apply transient models that are not visible to you.