On the lower left is a table icon labeled “Vehicles Table.” A callout says “1. Table Scan. Scan VEHICLES, and send matching join column values in compressed format.” An arrows points from this icon to an icon labeled “PGA” that contains a range of values: 0, 1, 3, 5, ..., and 50. In the upper left appears the following callout: “Array of compressed values. Create an array of distinct values from the compressed values.” This callout points to the PGA icon. On the lower right is a table labeled “Sales.” Attached to this icon is the following callout: “Table Scan. Scan SALES, and filter rows based on query predicates.” A callout attached to this icon says “4. Row Sent to Hash Join. Send matching rows to join in compressed format.” On the upper right, the following callout is attached to the PGA icon: “5. Hash Join. Complete join by looking up compressed values in the array.”