13 In-Memory Views

This topic describes data dictionary and dynamic performance views related to the In-Memory Column Store (IM column store).

Table 13-1 In-Memory Views

Initialization Parameter Description


Provides expression usage tracking statistics for all the tables in the database.


Displays information about database feature usage statistics. When the IM column store is accessed, the NAME column shows In-Memory Column Store.


Displays the latest segment access time for all segments. The timestamps in the view are coarse with a granularity of a day reflecting the flush times of the heat map.


Contains information specific to data movement-related attributes of an Automatic Data Optimization policy in a database.


Describes the IM expressions, which have the column prefix SYS_IME, that have the INMEMORY attribute.


Describes join groups in the database. A join group is a user-created object that lists two columns that can be meaningfully joined.


Describes the storage allocated for all segments in the database. Several columns, including INMEMORY and INMEMORY_PRIORITY, describe In-Memory attributes of the segment.


Indicates which tables have the INMEMORY attribute set (the INMEMORY column is ENABLED) or not set (DISABLED).


Displays sampled session activity. Several columns, including INMEMORY_QUERY and INMEMORY_POPULATE, describe session activity relating to the In-Memory Column Store at the time of sampling.


Displays real-time segment access information.


Presents the selective column compression levels that are defined using the INMEMORY clause of the CREATE TABLE statement. SYS_IME hidden virtual columns are not shown in this view.


Presents information about all In-Memory segments in the database. Only segments that have an In-Memory representation are displayed. If a segment is marked for the IM column store but is not populated, the view does not contain a corresponding row for this segment.


Displays information about the space allocation inside the In-Memory Area.


Provides information about the In-Memory FastStart (IM FastStart) area.


Displays the size of the In-Memory Area.