About NFS Storage for Data Files

Review this section for NFS storage configuration guidelines.

Network-Attached Storage and NFS Protocol

Network-attached storage (NAS) systems use the network file system (NFS) protocol to to access files over a network, which enables client servers to access files over networks as easily as to storage devices attached directly to the servers. You can store data files on supported NFS systems. NFS is a shared file system protocol, so NFS can support both single instance and Oracle Real Application Clusters databases.


The performance of Oracle software and databases stored on NAS devices depends on the performance of the network connection between the servers and the network-attached storage devices.For better performance, Oracle recommends that you connect servers to NAS devices using private dedicated network connections. NFS network connections should use Gigabit Ethernet or better.

Refer to your vendor documentation to complete NFS configuration and mounting.

Requirements for Using NFS Storage

Before you start installation, NFS file systems must be mounted and available to servers.