Modifying Oracle Owner User Groups

If you have created an Oracle software installation owner account, but it is not a member of the groups you want to designate as the OSDBA, OSOPER, OSDBA for ASM, ASMADMIN, or other system privileges group, then modify the group settings for that user before installation.


Each Oracle software owner must be a member of the same central inventory group. Do not modify the primary group of an existing Oracle software owner account, or designate different groups as the OINSTALL group. If Oracle software owner accounts have different groups as their primary group, then you can corrupt the central inventory.

During installation, the user that is installing the software should have the OINSTALL group as its primary group, and it must be a member of the operating system groups appropriate for your installation. For example:
# /usr/sbin/usermod -g oinstall -G dba,asmdba,backupdba,dgdba,kmdba,racdba[,oper] oracle