This property specifies the properties that are used when an XML document is used to save changes to the database.


// C#
public OracleXmlSaveProperties XmlSaveProperties {get; set;}

Property Value



When a new instance of OracleCommand is created, an instance of OracleXmlSaveProperties is automatically available on the OracleCommand instance through the OracleCommand.XmlSaveProperties property.

A new instance of OracleXmlSaveProperties can be assigned to an OracleCommand instance. Assigning an instance of OracleXmlSaveProperties to the XmlSaveProperties of an OracleCommand instance creates a new instance of the given OracleXmlSaveProperties instance for the OracleCommand. This way each OracleCommand instance has its own OracleXmlSaveProperties instance.

Use the default constructor to get a new instance of OracleXmlSaveProperties.

Use the OracleXmlSaveProperties.Clone() method to get a copy of an OracleXmlSaveProperties instance.