Description of the illustration cube_log.gif

Maintenance Log for the Units Cube: The Maintenance Log contains three reports: Maintenance Steps, Maintenance Load Summary, and four subtabs for the logs: Summary Log, Detailed Log, Rejected Record Lob, and Dimension Compile log. The Summary Log is currently displayed.

Maintenance Steps shows 17 of 17 steps completed and these columns: Object, Partition, and Status. Under Object, TIME, CHANNEL, and CUSTOMER list LOAD NO SYNCH, COMPILE, and UPDATE steps. Partition is blank. All steps have a status of Succeeded. Additional rows are not shown.

Maintenance Load Summary shows these columns: Object, Object Type, Partition, Rows Added, and Rows Deleted. Additional columns are not shown. TIME, CHANNEL, CUSTOMER, and PRODUCT are Object Type DIMENSION with various numbers of Rows Added. UNITS_CUBE is Object Type CUBE, partitions P10:CY2007 to P2:CY1999, and various numbers of rows added. Rows Deleted are 0.

The Summary Log report shows these columns: Maint ID, Object, Object Type, Partition, Operation, Start Date, Start Time, and End Time. Additional columns are not shown. The Maint ID is 102 for all rows, Object is UNITS_CUBE for all rows. Object Type is CUBE. Partition is P9:CY2006 to P6:CY2003. Operation is LOAD, LOAD - GENERATED SQL, SOLVE, and UPDATE for each partition. Start Date is 26-May-10 for all rows. Start Time is 09:00:28 AM to 9:00:33 AM. End Time is 09:00:29 AM to 09:00:33 AM.