Description of the illustration cube_rules.gif

Selecting an Aggregation Operator: This screen capture of the Create Cube dialog box shows the Rules subtab of the Aggregation tab. A table identifies the aggregation method for each dimension. The table has a row for each dimension and the following columns: Order, Dimension, Operator, Based On, and Aggregate From Level. The Order column lists 1 to 4. The Dimension column lists TIME, CHANNEL, CUSTOMER, and PRODUCT. Arrow keys appear to the right of the table for reordering the dimensions.

Among the aggregation operators that are listed are Sum, Average, First Non-NA Data Value, Hierarchical Average, Hierarchical First Member, Hierarchical Last Member, Hierarchical Weighted Average, Hierarchical Weighted First, and Hierarchical Weighted Last. The content of the Precompute subtab is not shown. The Create Cube dialog box also has these tabs: General, Partitioning, Storage, and Materialized Views. The contents of these tabs are not shown.