Description of the illustration dim_log.gif

Maintenance Log for the Product Dimension: The Maintenance Log contains three reports: Maintenance Steps, Maintenance Load Summary, and four subtabs for the logs: Summary Log, Detailed Log, Rejected Record Log, and Dimension Compile Log. The Summary Log is currently displayed.

Maintenance Steps shows 5 of 5 Completed and a table with these columns: Object, Partition, and Status. Under Object, Product lists LOAD NO SYNCH, COMPILE, and UPDATE steps. The Partition Column is blank, and the status of all steps is Succeeded. The PRICE_CUBE and UNITS_CUBE objects each have a COMPILE AGGMAP step with a status of Succeeded.

Maintenance Load Summary shows these columns: Object, Object Type, Partition, Rows Added, and Rows Deleted. Additional columns are not shown. The report has one row: Object is PRODUCT, Object Type is DIMENSION, Partition is blank, Rows Added is 48, and Rows Deleted is 0

Summary Log shows these columns: Maint ID, Object, Object Type, Partition, Operation, Start Date, Start Time, End Time, and Elapsed Time. Additional columns are not shown. The Maint ID is 106 for all rows, Object is GLOBAL.GLOBAL for the first row and PRODUCT for all other rows, Object Type is ANALYTIC WORKSPACE for the first row and DIMENSION for all other rows. Partition is blank for all rows, Operation lists BUILD for the first row and LOAD NO SYNC for all other rows. Start Date is 26-MAY-10 for all rows, Start Time is 10:43:42 AM, End Time is 10:43:44 AM for GLOBAL and 10:43:43 AM for PRODUCT. Elapsed Time is 1.35 for GLOBAL.GLOBAL and .18 for PRODUCT.