Local Listener for an Oracle RAC Database

The local listener, or default listener, is located in the Grid home when you have Oracle Grid Infrastructure installed. The listener.ora file is located in the Grid_home/network/admin directory.

If needed, you can edit the listener.ora file for the Grid home listeners to define listener parameters for node and SCAN listeners. Do not modify the endpoints because these are automatically managed by the listener agent.

During Oracle Database creation, the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter is automatically configured to point to the local listener for the database. You can set a value manually for LOCAL_LISTENER. If you modify the value of the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter, then the Database Agent process does not automatically update this value. Oracle recommends that you leave the parameter unset so that the Database Agent process can maintain it automatically. If you do not set LOCAL_LISTENER, then the Database Agent process automatically updates the database associated with the local listener in the Grid home, even when the ports or IP address of that listener are changed.

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