The Generic Server Pool

The Generic server pool stores any Oracle Database that is not policy managed.

Additionally, the Generic server pool contains servers with names you specified in the SERVER_NAMES attribute of the server pools that list the Generic server pool as a parent server pool.

The Generic server pool's attributes are restricted, as follows:

  • No one can modify configuration attributes of the Generic server pool (all attributes are read-only)

  • When DBCA or SRVCTL specifies a server name in the HOSTING_MEMBERS resource attribute, Oracle Clusterware only allows it if the server is:

    • Online and exists in the Generic server pool

    • Online and exists in the Free server pool, in which case Oracle Clusterware moves the server into the Generic server pool

    • Online and exists in any other server pool and the user is either a cluster administrator or is allowed to use the server pool's servers, in which case, the server is moved into the Generic server pool

    • Offline and the user is a cluster administrator