Using Oracle Universal Installer to Install Oracle RAC One Node

Review this information to install Oracle RAC One Node.

  1. Open the terminal from which you intend to run OUI, and log in as the user account that you want to own the Oracle Database installation (for example, oracle).

    If you are not able to turn off stty commands, or have other restrictions that can prevent automatic SSH configuration from within OUI, then you must ensure that SSH is configured and enabled before you start OUI.

  2. Ensure that you have su or sudo credentials, because you will be prompted to run a script as the root user during installation.
  3. Start the runInstaller command from the Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) installation media or install binary download area. For example, where the software binary download area is /home/oracle/oraclesw, enter the following commands:
    $ cd /home/oracle/oraclesw
    $ ./runInstaller
  4. Select to configure an Oracle RAC One Node database, and select to install Oracle RAC on all nodes where Oracle RAC One Node will run.
  5. Provide information when prompted by OUI. If you need assistance during installation, click Help. Click Details to see the log file.


    You can run the script simultaneously on all nodes in the cluster for Oracle RAC installations or upgrades.

    If you encounter problems during installation, then examine the OUI actions recorded in the installation log file. The log file is located in the Oracle Inventory directory with a name that includes the timestamp (date_time) of the install process, as shown in this example:



    The Oracle home name and path that you provide during database installation must be different from the home that you used during the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation in phase one. You must not install Oracle Database with Oracle RAC software into the same home in which you installed the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster software.

    Note that because Oracle ASM is part of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home, it cannot be upgraded during an Oracle RAC installation.