Description of the illustration tgsql_vm_050.eps

This graphic shows an icon of a person with the label "SQL Tuning Advisor." A double-headed arrow is between SQL Tuning Advisor and a box labeled "Optimizer." Inside this box is a box labeled "Automatic Tuning Optimizer." An icon of a calculator is next to the Optimizer box. An arrow leads from SQL Tuning Advisor to the right, pointing at a box labeled "Recommendations." Within this box is a box labeled "Implementation of SQL Profiles (Automatic Only)." An icon of a tacked piece of paper is next to the Recommendations box. Two icons point up to the SQL Tuning Advisor: a person icon, and a cylinder labeled "AUTOTASK." To the left of SQL Tuning Advisor are the boxes ADDM, AWR, Shared Pool, and SQL Tuning Set. The Shared Pool box contains a Library Cache box, which contains a Shared SQL Area box, which contains a dotted box containing the statement "SELECT * FROM employees." The SQL Tuning Set box contains an icon of an open cardboard box labeled "STS."