Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) Enhancements and Changes

Oracle Database 12c release 2 (12.2) includes several enhancements to DBUA, and some features have been removed or modified.

In response to customer requests, and to improve functionality, Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) includes new features and code enhancements. Also, some features in previous releases have been removed.

DBUA New Features

DBUA includes the following new features for Oracle Database 12c release 2 (12.2):

  • Selective PDB Plug-In Upgrades: You can plug in a PDB created in a previous release into a release 12.2 multitenant architecture CDB environment, and upgrade the PDB using DBUA started from the release 12.2 CDB home

    You can unplug PDBs from a CDB, upgrade the CDB and any PDBs plugged in to the CDB, and then plug in earlier release PDBs and upgrade them using DBCA.

  • Priority-Based PDB Upgrades: You can set priority for PDB upgrades, so that higher priority PDBs are upgraded first.

  • Retry and Ignore Functionality: You can fix errors and retry upgrades, or select to ignore certain errors and continue upgrades.

  • Pause and Continue Functionality: You can stop the upgrade, and continue the upgrade at a later time.

  • Standalone Prerequisite Checks: You can run DBUA with the new -executePrereqs option to check prerequisites for upgrades at any time.

  • Listener Configuration During Database Moves: You can configure the database with a new listener during a database move operation.

  • Improved Logging Mechanism: DBUA now has time-stamped logs.

  • Performance Enhancements: DBUA includes code enhancements that reduce the number of instance restarts during the upgrade process.

  • Enhanced Error Reporting: All DBUA errors are reported using the error code prefix DBT, and all errors are reported as a list on a progress page, instead of being presented in message windows.

DBUA Removed Features

The following DBUA features available in previous releases are removed in Oracle Database 12c release 2 (12.2):

  • Data Files Move: Data files can no longer be moved during upgrades.

  • Database Renames During Upgrades: It is no longer supported to rename Oracle Database names during the upgrade.

  • Degree of Parallelism Selection Removed from DBUA: The default parallelism is calculated depending on the use case.

    • Upgrade: The default parallelism using DBUA is the same value used by the Parallel Upgrade Utility for manual upgrades. However, in an upgrade operation, you can override the default by specifying the number of cores that you want to use.

    • Recompile: The default parallelism for object recompilation is determined by the utlrp script used in manual upgrade.

  • Recompile parallelism is the same value as the upgrade parallelism by default.

  • Changing Diagnostic and Audit Dest No Longer Available: You can only change the Diagnostic and Audit destination by using the DBUA command-line option -initParam.

  • Remote DBUA Desupported: In previous releases, DBUA had an option on Windows platforms for supporting Oracle Database remote upgrades. This feature is desupported.