Description of the illustration perf_hub_period_addm.gif

This screen shot shows the Performance Hub page, with the ADDM tab displayed. The title of the page is Performance Hub: Historical - All, which indicates that the Historical - All option was selected in the Select Time Period field. To the right of the Select Time Period field is the Hide Time Picker button. To the right of the Hide Time Picker button is the PerfHub Report icon. To the right of the PerfHub Report icon is the AWR Report icon. The time that the Performance Hub page was last refreshed appears to the right of the AWR Report button.

Below the UI elements at the top of the page is the time picker, which shows the CPU, User I/O, and Wait values from 10:00 AM of the previous day to 10:00 AM of the current day.

Below the time picker, the Summary, Activity, Workload, Monitored SQL, ADDM, Database Time, Resources, and System Statistics tabs appear. The ADDM tab is displayed.

The Period ADDM Tasks table shows the ADDM tasks for the selected time period. The Task Name, Task ID, Time, Task Analysis Type, Number of Findings, and Average Active Sessions columns appear in the Period ADDM Tasks table. The Search field at the top right of the table enables you to search for a particular string in the table.