Description of the illustration sqlta_auto_1_stmt_recomd.gif

This is a screen shot of the Recommendation Details page in EM Express. The top left side of the page includes the page name and the Implement button, and to the far right the Page Refreshed field shows when the page was last refreshed.

On the left below the page name is the SQL Profile section. It describes the performance recommendation and provides an overview of the recommendation.

Below the SQL Profile section is Compare Explain Plans section. This section shows three tabs (arranged from left to right) named Original Plan, Original Plan with Adjusted Cost, and Plan Using SQL Profile. The Original Plan tab is selected.

Below these tabs (from left to right) are the Graphical and Tabular buttons. The Tabular button is selected.

Below the Graphical and Tabular buttons is a table that shows the steps in the original explain plan for the selected SQL statement.

The following columns exist in the table: