3.5 Viewing the Details for an Oracle Cluster Health Advisor Model

Use the chactl query model command to view the model details.

  1. You can review the details of an Oracle Cluster Health Advisor model at any time using the chactl query model command.
    For example:
    $ chactl query model –name weekday
    Model: weekday
    Target Type: CLUSTERWARE
    Version: OS12.2_V14_0.9.8
    OS Calibrated on: Linux amd64
    Calibration Target Name: MYCLUSTER
    Calibration Date: 2016-07-05 01:13:49
    Calibration Time Ranges: start=2016-07-03 20:50:00,end=2016-07-04 15:00:00
    Calibration KPIs: not specified

    You can also rename, import, export, and delete the models.