11.8.2 About Oracle Grid Infrastructure Software Patch Levels

Review this topic to understand how to apply patches for Oracle ASM and Oracle Clusterware.

The software patch level for Oracle Grid Infrastructure represents the set of all one-off patches applied to the Oracle Grid Infrastructure software release, including Oracle ASM. The release is the release number, in the format of major, minor, and patch set release number. For example, with the release number, the major release is 18, the minor release is 1, and 0.0 is the patch set number. With one-off patches, the major and minor release remains the same, though the patch levels change each time you apply or roll back an interim patch.

As with standard upgrades to Oracle Grid Infrastructure, at any given point in time for normal operation of the cluster, all the nodes in the cluster must have the same software release and patch level. Because one-off patches can be applied as rolling upgrades, all possible patch levels on a particular software release are compatible with each other.