12.5.1 About Oracle Deinstallation Options

The deinstall.bat command stops Oracle software, and removes Oracle software and configuration files on the operating system.

The deinstall command is available in Oracle home directories after installation. It is located in the %ORACLE_HOME%\deinstall directory.

deinstall creates a response file by using information in the Oracle home and using the information you provide. You can use a response file that you generated previously by running the deinstall command using the -checkonly option. You can also edit the response file template.


  • You must run the deinstall command from the same release to remove Oracle software. Do not run the deinstall command from a later release to remove Oracle software from an earlier release. For example, do not run the deinstall command from the 18c Oracle home to remove Oracle software from an existing Oracle home.

  • Starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (, the roothas.bat script replaces the roothas.pl script in the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home for Oracle Restart, and the rootcrs.bat script replaces the rootcrs.pl script in the Grid home for Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster.

If the software in the Oracle home is not running (for example, after an unsuccessful installation), then the deinstall cannot determine the configuration and you must provide all the configuration details either interactively or in a response file.