4.2.2 About the Private IP Address

Oracle Clusterware uses interfaces marked as private for internode communication.

Each cluster node must have an interface that you identify during installation as a private interface. Private interfaces must have addresses configured for the interface itself, but no additional configuration is required. Oracle Clusterware uses the interfaces you identify as private for the cluster interconnect. Any interface that you identify as private must be on a subnet that connects to every node of the cluster. Oracle Clusterware uses all the interfaces you identify for use as private interfaces.

For the private interconnects, because of Cache Fusion and other traffic between nodes, Oracle strongly recommends using a physically separate, private network. If you configure addresses using a DNS, then you should ensure that the private IP addresses are reachable only by the cluster nodes.

You can choose multiple interconnects either during installation or postinstallation using the oifcfg setif command.

After installation, if you modify the interconnect for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) with the CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS initialization parameter, then you must change the interconnect to a private IP address, on a subnet that is not used with a public IP address, nor marked as a public subnet by oifcfg. Oracle does not support changing the interconnect to an interface using a subnet that you have designated as a public subnet.

You should not use a firewall on the network with the private network IP addresses, because this can block interconnect traffic.